Writing, Speaking & Teaching

Writing is the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.
(Oxford Dictionary)

Something To Say

From Concept And Strategy, And On To Detail:

Having spent much time as a consultant and running marketing for companies, I did a fair bit of speaking.
As I transitioned into other roles, my opportunities for speaking and writing decreased, but it was replaced with opportinities to coach others.

The passion returned in 2006, when I opened Edgecliff Press. We published about 35 titles, so not only did I get the chance to write, but to be creative all across the process - from proposal to printing. (Here are some of our titles)

Below are examples of writing, as well as lists from teaching and presenting. Other technical and business oriented samples can be found in the downloads section.

And for fun:

I created a white paper competition to involve operations employees in documenting intellectual capital.

This competition grew to include over 60% of the 70+ person department, involved judges from across the organization and generated one dozen white papers in two rounds of competition.

Also, I'm Co-administrator of The Webchef page on Facebook. We have approximately 45,000 followers, with 20,000 reach and 2,000+ post engagements per week.


Making a Mass of Your Data - White Paper, 2005

Service Bureau Basics - White Paper, 2004

Use CRM to Cross-Sell, Upsell - DM News December, 2003

Nonprofit CRM – Donor Relationship Marketing Journal of the DMA Nonprofit Federation, March, 2003 (Download)

Back to (Database) Basics - Direct Magazine, February 2003

Guest Opinion: The Prescription – Customer Strategy Integration - eyeforpharma, November, 2002

Six Steps to Effective CRM - Direct Magazine September 2002

CRM – What it’s Really About - NEMOANews, Summer 2002

From Vision To Reality - Six Steps to Effective CRM Implementations - Direct Magazine, June 2002

Completing the Customer Picture - CRM Magazine, February 2002

Marketing Automation and Technology Trends - White paper 2001

Choosing the Right Sales Tool - Destination CRM, December 2001

Selecting the Correct Sales Tool - CRM Magazine, November 2001

Re-Branding or De-Branding, Managing the Image and the Web - DMA Council MTI Newsletter, Fall 2001

Creating Customer Intelligence: Data Integration - DMA Council MTI Newsletter, Summer 2001

Re-Branding or De-Branding, Managing the Image and the Web - DMA Council Alternate Response Media Newsletter, Summer 2001

Toward Mobile Ubiquity - DigiTrends.net, May 2001

Driving Customer Loyalty - DM Review, April 2001

The Multi Channel Customer - WildeNews, January 2001 

Non-Profit CRM – DRM, Janauary, 2001

Accumulating Customer Knowledge - DM Review, September 2000 

CRM and the Web as a Communication Tool - DM Review, July 2000

Substituting Technique For Technology; eCRM and the Web as a Communication Channel, May 15, 2000  

Presentations  & Teaching

And Who Enabled THAT Channel? NY DM Days, June 2003

Direct Mail - Creative, CADM Basic Course, DePaul University, November 2002

Getting to Know You: CRM in the Non-Profit World, DMA 85th Annual Conference, San Francisco, October 2002

Self-Service Alternatives In An Increasingly Demanding Market, Call Center Demo & Conference 2002, Orlando, May 2002

Know Thy Donor: CRM and the Non-Profit World, CADM DM Days, Chicago, April 2002

Direct Mail - Creative, CADM Basic Course, Roosevelt College, April 2002

Catalog Criteria, DMEF Jr. Collegiate Institute in Direct/Interactive Marketing 2002, Chicago, March 2002

Why Self Service is a Soft Serve in CRM, SOCAP, 2002 SOCAP Symposium, New York, March 2002

Creative - Direct Mail, CADM Basic Course, DePaul University, November 2001

Implications of CRM and Technology on Donor Management, International Conference on Philanthropy, Charleston NC, October 2001

What You Need To Know Before Moving Your Mail-Based Loyalty Program To the Point of Sale, NCDM, Chicago, IL, August 2001

Invited to present

Wireless Supply Chain Tracking: Panel Discussion 
Supply Chain Collaboration Track, and Web Services: Hype versus Reality - Panel Discussion, Critical E-Business Applications Track, Electronic Commerce World, New Orleans, October 2002